A collaborative acrostic poem to show how thankful we are for our parent volunteers.

We've brainstormed some words that start with the letters we need. We want to have the best, most powerful adjectives we can come up with in our poem. If you think of a word we don't have, add it. If you can change a word we have into an adjective, change it. This is a place to generate ideas. We'll refine it in class and publish it here (and maybe elsewhere) after we present it at the volunteer tea.

Participate, PAC, Parent, Proud, Patient, Protective
Appreciated, awesome, accomplished, are
Respect, reliable, remarkable, resourceful,
Encouraging, enthusiastic, exceptional, educational, excellent, Exciting, extraordinary
Nourishing, nice, necessary, nurturing, natural, no-nonsense,
Thoughtful, thanks, tolerant, that, terrific, talented

Volunteer, valuable, veritable,
Outstanding, over- , original, ordinary,
Learning, loving, listening, legendary, laughing, lucky, loyal, likeable
Understanding, undeniable, uber- , unique
Supporter, successful, supervisors, sensitive, sparkling, sentimental, sad, superheroes, school, shining