Early explorers of what is now Canada

Let's begin by asking & thinking about some questions:

Who were the first people to live in what is now Canada?
When did explorers from other parts of the world arrive in what is now Canada?
Who were these explorers?
What were their names?
Where did they come from?
How did they get here?
Where did they arrive first?
Why did they come in the first place?
Why did they keep coming back?
How did they get farther into the country to explore more?
Compare the exploration dates and countries of origin of each explorer.

Arctic map from worldatlas.com

Some of the sites linked on our class links page may be useful:

Historical Atlas of Canada (exploration 1497-1891)
Explorers (thinkquest)
Fur trade (from canadiana.ca)
Canadian explorers timeline (user-created)
Canada History (2 worlds meet)
Canadian history timeline (datesandevents.org)